Your image as a brand

Your style image as a brand

part of my branding is a dash of fun

Many stylists will try to fit clients into a style type. They may use terms like classic, romantic, bohemian, and avant garde. I don’t believe we all fit so neatly into one style type. I also don’t find that most fashion magazines show a wide variety of looks that reflect the reality of what people REALLY wear. It’s common for my clients to feel disconnected from the fashion world.

That is why I like to see my clients in their home or work environments. I also like to see what inspires them in the world and in art. I feel often that my clients aren’t able to articulate exactly what image they want to project to the world. It’s never as simple as, “I’m a classic.” It’s my job to unearth, listen, and hone into the true spirit of each individual without boxing them in. The development or evolution of your style should set you free and must allow you the freedom to experiment and enjoy your wardrobe and your personal look.

The branding of your image factors into your style prescription.

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