What I look for in a private client:

My ideal client

With my private styling client practice, my time is limited. So I want both of us to have a pleasurable experience.

Here are the traits I look for:

You see our work as collaboration.
You see me as your partner in your style journey.
You appreciate and value doing things right the first time.
You no longer want to wear crappy, poor quality clothing.
You see the value and connection of dressing well and for success.
You realize that great change doesn’t happen overnight.
You like to laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously.
You’re ready to leave your “old” you behind.
You’re ready to invest in your style future.

If this sounds like a good fit for you. Please choose one of the personal styling packages,
book your package (I accept mastercard, visa, american express, and personal checks) and get in touch.
If you have any doubt, I’m happy to meet in advance to see if we are the right match.