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One Month+One (small) Suitcase =stylish every day???

By | July 25th, 2010 | CLOSET PROJECT, STYLE DIY

alexandra's suitcase for a month trip

Last summer I traveled to Greece with one suitcase. I thought I was being streamlined but while I was there I realized that in the future I could bring even less with me which might leave room for fun purchases abroad. I found that having too much stuff hindered my mobility and I often couldn’t find a certain garment and just wore whatever was on the top pile of the suitcase.  Instead of sitting on my suitcase to close it I’m determined to take less this summer but still be stylish every day. So how will I do it? Streamlined dressing through the ‘uniform’ concept. In my first school we wore uniforms and it was great to not have to think so hard-although I wasn’t so into the pinafores. I’m going to again take the dress from day to night concept for this summer’s trip to Greece. I know I will be staying on a boat so it will be close quarters (have you seen the size of a boat closer) and the possibility of bringing a whole set of steamer trunks from Louis Vuitton is SLIM TO NONE.  That means on most days I will be wearing a cotton washable but stylish dress that can be dressed up or down with jewelry and accessories depending on the occasions. Shrugs, scarves, or wraps will be a nice addition but I’m going to limit that to 1 or maybe 2 in a fun color like red. I’m also going to shoot for only bringing 3 pairs of shoes. One hat. Less toiletries, no hair dryer, camping towel, everything must be washable. Why make it complicated? I’ll keep you updated as to my progress and post pictures.


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