Moral Support on Any Style Issues

Moral Support on Any Style issue

My clients often come to me with some sort of crisis and they don’t feel well supported by sales associates.

A simple foot injury can limit women in terms of what types of shoes they can wear, which unnecessarily affects how sexy they feel. A few other issues I’ve also dealt with: women who have had surgeries that have left their bodies with “imperfections,” women who have lost substantial amounts of weight, and women whose body shape changed due to normal life shifts, such as pregnancy or menopause.

There is an emotional component of making exterior changes. There’s also an emotional part to letting go of unwanted clothing. So I offer a holistic approach to my practice, which embraces and accepts what real women go through. I’m not a trained shrink (but I am a daughter of an alcoholic), and my acceptance work with a spiritual practice has helped me tremendously in being empathetic for my clients.?These issues and many others get factored into my style prescription for you.

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