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Mikey’s young but old timey bday

By | November 24th, 2009 | INSPIRING EVENTS

Mikey (of Mikey’s Hookup) the pimpest lad in the land(he even has his own stalker fans) , swathed in white shag coat held court at his birthday party in Williamsburg’s Manhattan Inn Sunday eve. (Don’t you just love a good party on a Sunday-the antidote to amateur night). The venue is new to the scene but decor and vibe is super old fashioned-as an old fashioned girl I love the design aspect of new/old/worn/character. Organized by his dear friend Malisa Masala (of the talented fashion design house RED MASALA) Attendees were the movers and shakers of the hood- Tunde- of TV on the Radio, makeup artist to the stars Agata Helena, the band members of Leigh-Ra, photographers Steven Laxton and Eric Martin.

Dress code was old timey which meant flapper outfits, ragtime garb, OTT vintage hats, capes, and quirky vintage. I was fascinated by the shoes worn by some of the women-t-straps, character shoes, glittered chuckies, and the my favorite-red patent leather pumps with red ankle sheers-divine!! Outfits caused the mood of the crowd to be experimental, playful, and almost halloweenesque-what happens on Halloween will be all forgotten the next day.
Entertainment was fierce-a self taught pianist churned out rag time toe tappers, ethereal and flapperesque Christy Leigh sang ‘magnets’ and happy birthday for the bday boy, burlesque dancer named Pandora stole the show in her pink confection corseted costume as she exhibited the clam shell and turkey tail with poise, and dancing turned into a foot stomping, experimental, rowdy bath tub gin type of good time. I ended up having a blast fake tap dancing because it seemed the most natural way to move to the music. Crunking wasn’t going to cut it!

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