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Met Ball Fashion

By | May 16th, 2016 | Style TRUTHS

{You or the Dress?}

Where is the focus?

I’ve been thinking about the gowns at the MET ball and wondering why the whole event has lost it’s luster for me.

The difference between what I do and what red carpet stylists do is very simple.

I showcase my clients.

It’s all about them and making them glow.

The red carpet and the runway…is all about THE DRESS.

It’s about selling and showcasing the dress. (This is big business for designers. They know by paying celebrities to wear their dress they will boost sales and clout for their brand…make no doubt there is big money exchanging hands)Claire Daines

The dress is almost a bigger entity than the person.

Case in point.

Claire Danes in her illuminating dress.

Yes it was interesting and eye catching and revolutionary but was it really about her?

Madonna in Richardo Tisci at the Met BALL.Madonna MET

All about the dress. too much boundary pushing…too much too much…too much sex….too much vulgarity.

The dress was wearing her.

The work I do it about balance and shining a spotlight on what was inside my client and now is seen more brilliantly.

But not so overpowering that the person is lost.

That is fashion.

What I do is style.

I pull out the innate style from inside a client and help her to start radiating.

It’s about attracting rather than promoting.

In my world it’s all about Style.

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