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By | April 22nd, 2009 | INSPIRING EVENTS

So my fun and young girlfriend ‘j’ got tickets to be in the audience for a taping of the Martha Stewart Show. Luckily as a freelancer I can go to these sorts of silly frivolities. ‘J’ was super excited because she said ‘we will get tons of great shit-ie swag’. Me being the jaded fashionista whose had it up to my ears in useless fashion swag (knitting needles and multicolored yarn from ports 1961 hello random!) decided to just be excited to attend. I’ve never been an audience member before and I found out that there is a art to it. So we figured it was best to arrive on the early side to make sure we get in. Just because you have a confirmed ticket doesn’t mean you can show up late for Martha (manners are important to her). We arrived early in the rain and luckily were in the first group in the line. After being ushered in like cattle and given a color coded ticket that would have been glittered if it was up to Martha, we went through security, checked our coats, filled out paper work, and took a seat in a waiting room. Joey the audience fluffer came in to rile us up and get us excited for the show. We were expected to clap, to smile, to give the love. No crossing your arms and sulking on this show! Martha would be making triple citrus cupcakes and ‘j’ was convinced we would be getting one to eat. We were given last opportunity to use the ladies room and told that once up in the studio it is important to keep our seats. On a side note…the martha show is not a good place to meet men…they play for the other team but are friendly. We had been informed in advance to wear bright colors-no black, white, tan, or muted grays. Since I’ve worked with dressing people for tv I was well aware of how to look best on camera (btw blue is magic onscreen). Once upstairs we were ushered to our seats. The system is all very organized and well planned. We were in the second row from the top in the middle. There were plenty of staff getting the set ready and doing their jobs. I could see that Martha was in the fake kitchen tooling around and talking to staff. Joey then taught us how to be a good audience. Aparently the ‘right’ way to clap is to fade out the clapping at the end-an abrupt end is bad. Just before Martha started taping I got to see her style team in action-pushing back her hair, lint rollering her shirt, double checking her look which was not too exciting (cropped pants -not really doing anything for ya martha, button down fitted shirt in navy blue, and wedge shoes). They tape the show as if it’s live but it will be broadcast May 18th in 5 segments. Martha only messed up so they restarted taping. In between the segment tapings were my favorite times because the dj would blast hip hop music. Does Martha have a thing for all things bling? I have been noticing that she had Q-tip on the show and she was flirting…
There were Q cards, hot lights, a rowdy group of bejeweled housewives behind us from Philly, many cameras, and snorable segments-a chef I had never heard of pushing a cook book that I will never buy, an inventor blogger I’ve never heard of, silly questions from the audience.
But really the most exciting thing was watching Joey work. He had an ability to rile the audience up just by dangling the notion of swag. When he did distribute swag to a few audience members it wasn’t impressive-copies of everyday magazine (pass thanks).
Martha was her calm monotone self. I noticed she tried everything and seems to love food. Twice the stylist had to wipe down her shirt due to food falling.
I think we were the youngest and cutest audience members because I noticed the cameras sweeping on us on the monitors 5 times. Have you seen the average Martha audience member? She’s nothing to look at. But she can bake/cook/craft up a storm.
Upon leaving we realized no triple citrus cupcakes for us but a MAKE notebook and a copy of MAKE Magazine.

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