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By | August 4th, 2017 | FASHION BS

I never set out to be a ‘style blogger’, but I’ve known for a long time that expressing myself online was a perfect way to attract the best clients to work with.

So it’s a nice extra to be awarded #36 of the top 100 style bloggers.

But still not into awards or frivolous pats on the back.

And I’ve never followed fashion magazines and in fact have worked towards being the opposite of everyone else in the FASHION WORLD.

Especially Rachel Zoe.

Everything about her way too skinny boho/materialistic ass makes me sick.

Plus, if you’ve ever touched her clothing line the fabric is cheap and scratchy.

So what is wrong with the fashion world?

To me they are so out of touch with real women, with real bodies, real jobs and real issues.

When I open a fashion magazine, yes it’s nice fantasy, but I don’t find much inside that is wearable for 99% of my clients.

As real women we don’t want to look ridiculous or like a fashion victim.

We don’t want our curves hidden and spikes growing out of our body.

We want to look attractive to our mates and colleagues.

I won’t subscribe to the notion of that only a few select sizes deserve the majority of the clothing choices.

Size 4 is not the only size that is beautiful.

We are all beautiful at all sizes and this size discrimination that is going on is a crime.

In the New York stores we used to have multiple options for petite and plus size. Now Saks no longer carries either in store.

Barney’s really only serves up to a size 8.

Bergdorfs is also very skewed towards size 2-4.

My values as a stylist:

  • Every woman can look beautiful no matter what style or size
  • Flattering is a science that can be used for good
  • Purchase less, but better quality
  • Own exactly what you will wear and use
  • Pay it forward – got stuff you’re not using gift it to loved ones or those in need
  • Style can be simple if you make it
  • Packing can be easy with a bit of planning
  • Black is not the only color worth wearing
  • Bitchiness has no place in my world
  • Love what you wear
  • Comfort is key
  • To look good you must always feel good

What about you….do you have any style mantra’s you live by?

If my message resonates with you and you want a style partner who is down to earth sign up for a style call with me here.

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