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How to combat fast fashion

By | December 11th, 2017 | FASHION BS


So fast fashion.

A few weeks ago I did a video about a recent Zara fiasco that brought to light the kind of company it is today.

Lot’s of my readers weren’t aware of the un-ethical practices they have adopted.

ZARA is not the only offender in this area so I decided to do a follow up video about the worst and best ethical fashion companies.

How can you do your part so that you don’t support companies like Zara who don’t pay their laborers?

TUNE INTO TODAY’S video where I share the history of fast fashion and not only the top worst offenders but some fashion companies doing it right.

I also offer simple solutions that you as the consumer can adopt.

Plese turn on the sound in the lower right hand corner of the video)

Here is the list of 35 Fair Trade & Ethical Clothing brands I mentioned in the video

My favorites:

Selma Karaca
Autumn Adiegbo
Karen Kane
Ariana Rockefeller
Alternative Apparel


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