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By | August 25th, 2017 | Style TRUTHS

For over 10 years, Laura dreamed of hiring a personal stylist.

She worked hard and had a very full home life as a mother and wife.

But instead she went through periods of not shopping and then over shopping.

After having kids her body shape changed and she became so frustrated that she just stopped buying anything and wore the same black pants and black knits to work every day. Then one day she was invited to fill in to speak at a work summit which would be packed with all of the top leaders in her field.

She was absolutely excited and yet filled with fear at the same time.

What was she going to wear?

The event was coming up really soon.

She looked at her closet and realized that it was finally time to hire a stylist.

That’s when she found me. Together we solved her ‘problem’ of feeling like she only had one outfit to wear.

And now she is always prepared for any last minute invitations that may require something special style wise.

Last year I solved one of my multi-layered problems by joining a high level author mastermind group.

 I invested more in myself than I ever had, but a huge mindset shift occurred.

And then I tackled another one of my problems head on and invested in myself. 

Both investments paid off in so many ways.

And it has been a huge lesson to me in how much solving your problems affects your life in such a positive way.

I now feel more at peace and that I can take on any challenge.

How long do you wait to solve your problems?

With your wardrobe are you a planner or more spontaneous?

Do you wait to hit absolute bottom or do you nip things in the bud?


If you are hitting your style rock bottom and find yourself with nothing to wear let’s chat. Together we can explore how I can help you solve your style problems.  Sign up for our call here.

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