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Let them eat air…

the view

This is almost funny…well hilarious actually. I’m so glad my cousin can laugh about it. There are 100 people descending to a secret Greek island to celebrate the christening of their one year old darling twins and there is NOTHING coming by truck. You see the family had hired caterers from Athens to feed 100 people at the reception and due to the truck strike there are currently no priest, no glasses, no plates, no drinks, no silverware, no tables, no chairs, no food, and no servers coming. It’s like a wedding with people but no refreshments. The event is tomorrow and my cousin is doing her best to arrange local food. When I suggested pot luck it was turned down as apparently it’s considered bad manners in Greece. There is a house staff of 3 here and we’ve been joking with them about whipping together something for 100 but starting tomorrow! I guess my LESS IS MORE PROJECT is seeping into all areas of my life.

At least the view here is spectacular-let them dine on beauty.

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