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Inspiring Views from Paris

Ages ago when I lived in Paris I truly felt at home and dazzled by the beauty of the city. This short jaunt however provided me with an outsider’s perspective.  It has been a long time since I’ve visited and there has been so much that has changed-especially to the tiny quartier Marche-Saint Honore which I had as my home in 1996. This time I reveled in the touristic areas for example I walked from le Petit Palais to Le Champs Elysee and then straight down thru the Tuileries and to the Louvre. The views on this walk are so striking because you can see all the notables such as la tour Eiffel, l’arc du triomphe and the Louvre during the whole walk. I walked so many times in the past up and down saint honore but had never done this cannon wide walk. The layout of the city is mind blowing and Haussmann was brilliant.

PS-My Parisian entries are peppered with French as the language has taken over my mind. Deal with it.

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