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I could tell you but then I would have to kill you..

alexandra suzanne greenawalt in Greece

What is a yankee/wasp/califonian/new yorker with a twist of Paris doing in Greece? Visiting relatives of course! But I’m sadly not Greek-just by marriage. Every August I’m adamant about taking serious time off to recharge. Like a month of unplugging from the hectic life of New York. I try to unplug from the blackberry, the computer, the emails, the phone calls, and all the stress. I am focusing on family, food, and swimming-while still finding time to suss out style in every nook and cranny. So here I am on an undisclosed and un-commercial Greek island visiting my Greek cousin who has married into a prominent family I can compare to the Vanderbilts of Greece. Even though the word ‘privacy’ does not exist in the Greek language they are private and cautious family. They have reason to be. So as much as I would like to brag I cannot. I also have not gotten permission to post photos taken at the house. I’m hoping to gain entry to Madame V’s famous closet as she is a true international style icon but we will see if that will happen. Stay tuned…

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