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How do you like your steak? Paris or New York?

This has been a busy week but I managed to squeeze in a little ME time and took myself out to Le Relais de Venise L’entrecote newly opened on Lexington and 52nd.
The original L’entrecote is in Paris bien sur but why did I take myself out when I’m such a homebody? Nostalgia and I wanted to see how they could possible replicate a Parisian institution. In 1996 I was ‘stuck’ in Paris living with a fabulous French boyfriend I will call him ‘G’-he’s still the standard for me and he took me there one evening. Located not far from the Eiffel Tower I was shocked to arrive and find a long line outside. G explained this is the best steak in all the land and it is worth the wait. Boy was he right and what the steak brought to the rustic table was matched in attitude, simplicity, and ambiance. No menu, they just ask you how you like your steak done-‘a point, saingant, ect’ and I think they guillotine you if you order it well done. Tables were covered in brown paper and they marked on the table in pencil the wine and how you want your steak prepared with a simple scrawl. How refreshing and relaxing not to worry about what to eat. Along with the heavenly steak with heavenly fries, came also a green salad. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Back in at the New York outpost I was enjoying my steak frites but realizing that the Parisian ambiance that ‘je ne sais quoi’ was missing. The Lexington location is too clean and with a ‘no smoking’ sign. All attempts have been made to replicate the brasserie look with the tiered service bar, armoire serving stations, banquets in burgundy, the french small wine glass but it lacks history. I secretly wished they had employed a company to make the place look older than Peter Luger. Plenty of Williamsburg new restaurants have opened with tin ceilings and the appearance of age. I would have much preferred a little fake old instead of the shiny and bright. I do give them props for the black and uniforms a la Jeanne Moreau in Diary of a Chambermaid. I guess I just miss Paris!

Have you any experience with any of the L’entrecote mini chain? I would love to hear from you! Comment down below…

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