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Greece is for night owls

By | August 11th, 2010 | NEW AND NOTEWORTHY

sunset in greece is the start of the day

The day gets started oh so late here on the Greek islands. My cousins sleep half of the day away and then come 4pm things get rolling. My midnight and 1am is prime time. I’m ready for bed and they are ready to roll. The cool thing is that in town all the bars are hopping and if you’re feeling like some retail therapy most shops stay open. I guess they feel tipsy browsers make good buyers. I’m enjoying myself but I’m really loving the quiet mornings and noontime. I have plenty of me time to blog and catch up on all that computer work that never gets done in NYC. I’m actually deleting old emails for the first time since 2006-scary!

The other night while out at Isalos (one of our haunts) with my cousin I had the chance for some prime people watching. Even though it was 11pm at night everyone was eating dinner as if it was 8pm. There was this group of 4 drunk guys frolicking in the water as if it was day time. When they had their fill and started to leave the beach they all attempted to climb into their fuscato (small launch boat) and tried to get back to their boat. They were so heavy that the boat was sinking and the motor was on it’s last leg so at one point after not going very far they were paddling with their arms. So between the sinking drunk boat scene, Dido from Isalos in one ear, Michael Jackson from the rowdy dance bar next door in the left ear, and the naked person walking on the bar’s roof for no apparent reason I was dying from laughter.  Oddly I was the only one entertained as to them it was business as usual.

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