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First Edit in my Closet

shoes for donation

Made some progress on my closet after hearing from the DREAM CLOSET PROJECT architects Guido Tenaglia and Hsiang Lin that more space was needed. I got rid of a black skirt that I never wear, 2 pairs of shoes-one were a hybrid water shoe that never got worn, and a pink dress which was worn out.

Weeded out a few items that I’m no longer wearing and reorganized by color. As the architects say by Rainbow color. Which means I start with white from the left and go to dark on the right. My closet is mostly color so it resembles a rainbow of autumn colors.

Then I sort by item. I wear my short dresses the most so those are the most accessible. Everyone’s closet is different because it’s a personal decision. How do you organize your closet? What do you wear the most? What do you wear the least.

A year ago I stumbled upon a product that is a cute hang tag for your clothing. You note when and where you wore the outfit, that way you could keep track and not wear the same thing in front of the same friends. Great for those with multiple homes and many closets who cannot keep track of what they have and if it’s been worn.I can’t remember the name of the product from San Francisco. If you know please comment below.

I’ve heard of some great ways to track what you wear. Here are 2 options:

Inverts all the hangers the opposite direction and then as you put things back in the closet (that is used)  put the hangers the correct way. After the season is up, donate all the inverted hanger clothing

Start a year long experiment. Take all of the shirts and sweaters from my clothes closet and moved them into our spare room. Whenever I needed something to wear, I checked the clothes closet first. If what I needed wasn’t there (as was often the case at first), I went to the spare room to find it. After I’d worn a shirt or sweater once, it was allowed to return to its home in the main clothes closet.

What do you do to keep organized?

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