Fashion Industry Knowledge

My Fashion Industry Insider Knowledge

I’ve been pressing my thumb to the pulse of fashion since my first internship in Paris in 1996. I styled my first editorial spread just after graduating from Boston University. Since attending my first runway fashion show in 1998, I have been to hundreds of shows and have worked behind the scenes with designers to help their shows run perfectly. I’ve styled oodles of fashion shoots for magazines and commercial clients.

The history of fashion has been a main focus of my interest, and any occasion I get when traveling, I see the best fashion exhibits in museums.
Personally, I’ve always been one up on trends, sporting it before it hits mainstream. I always get some sort of hunch about a style before it blows up. As a walking fashion encyclopedia, all of this knowledge comes in handy with my clients as I’m able to translate runway to reality. Putting clothing on models is easier than “real people,” but it’s also much less heartwarming than working one-on-one with individuals during a transition in their life. You get to reap the benefits of all this juicy insider info in your style prescription.

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