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Fashion at Moca Miami Party

By | December 2nd, 2009 | ART, INSPIRING EVENTS

Overheard at Vanity Fair/Moca fete, ‘F*% the art!’ Apparently no dress code either.
Fashion wise this party is a mixed bag of art nuts. You’ve got the ladies who lunch and buy art all decked in designer cocktail dresses dripping in jewels and their token napping husbands, you’ve got the drag queen couple, woman in a Mohave desert print ensemble with tennis shoes and white socks, artists too cool to dress in white t-shirt (def not Hanes) and jeans, cute straight guys (although I don’t have the pics to prove it) young hipsters doing the American apparel look, orange head trying way too hard with a sequin dress waaaaay too short, a woman wearing her dress inside out (not sure if on purpose), guy with panda bear head piece and very very small people. Very good bedroom lucite sex kitten heels.
It must be a good party..Shaggy the famous NYC party crasher is here.

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