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Brooklyn Bowl the badass superstah

By | December 18th, 2009 | INSPIRING EVENTS

Hit the Brooklyn Bowl for a bday party the other cold and windy night. despite frigid temperatures the place was hopping and wait time was 4 hours. Luckily our birthday girl did some magic with the twins to expedite the experience. The trick with large parties there is to share bowling shoes. Yes, they limit the shoes they give out. It’s $40 an hour per lane-this aint your laid back california bowling I grew up with. But seriously it seemed like our group was more into the idea of bowling than actually playing. It reminded me of when Remote Lounge opened up. A lot of people drinking, partying, eating, hanging just for the novelty of the experience. Blue Ribbon is doing the food and it’s not on my current program but I’m sure they’re making a killing. Fries with gravy and cheese???
And there’s plenty or room and pockets to do everything but bowl-eat, drink at the bar, dance to the live band, or pose. It’s totally entertaining.
Just to be clear this is full on hipster land so expect to see all those cool kids doing what they do best-hanging with their crew….don’t expect to make new friends it’s BYO.
Brooklyn Bowl

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