7 Ways to Choose the Best Shorts for Your Body




By: @ PoolsOfJewels

Timur Emek/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When I was in middle school, I had a favorite pair of shorts. They were made by Soffe, I believe, and they were the color of Pepto-Bismol. On one of the bottom front corners was a screen-printed image of a pair of ballet slippers, and when I rolled the waistband down, the phrase “get the pointe” appeared just a couple of inches below my belly button. I wore them to gym class every day for two years (with a t-shirt that I had cut the neck off of, obviously). But then my waist and hips and the rest of my body began to change and I grew out of those beloved shorts. It felt like the end of an era.

Shorts quickly became my nemesis. They rode up awkwardly against my thighs, made body parts visible that I didn’t want to be, and never seemed to fit in a way that flattered my figure.

Even today, I rarely wear shorts, which is kind of a shame because I love my legs! I want to show them off but I just don’t really love the way they look in shorts.

So instead, I usually stick to sundresses.

But no more! It’s time to figure out the formula for finding shorts I actually like.

For some help, I reached out to New York City-based personal stylist and fashion expert Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, who agrees that “shorts are as challenging as any other garment…

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