5 Reasons We Love Stylist Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt

Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt is a trendy, elegant fashionista styling some of the hottest celebrities — like Jennifer Hudson and Antonia Bennett — as well as the everyday woman. Greenawalt lives in New York City, where she is expanding her styling business to help as many women as she can to feel more confident not only in their clothing but also in themselves.

Greenawalt graduated from Boston University, and she has been assisting women with reinventing their own personal style for over a decade. She is a refreshing, honest fashion expert with as much heart as her sense of styling has class.

1. Style for all, and all for style

Alexandra Greenawalt is a successful entrepreneur with the creation of her personal styling business, and as she says on her blog, “you don’t have to be a celebrity  to work with a stylist.” Greenawalt helps women to find their inner fashionista confidence through one of three different styling packages, including her signature Style Re-Invention package, the Style Compass package or the Style Start package. Greenawalt caters to her client’s needs, body types and their own personal sense of style. Greenawalt said, “What gets me jumping out of bed every morning is the opportunity to make my clients look like a million bucks for their REAL lives …. By far, my most rewarding work has been working with real women and helping them love what they wear.”

2. She has an eye for trends

Although it may seem a bit obvious that a successful personal stylist and businesswoman would have an eye for trends, Greenawalt’s start in the fashion world began when she worked on set with different photographers and designers, like renowned photographer Shu Akashi. By working on multiple fashion shoot sets, she gained insight of not only the new soon-to-be wardrobe faves, but she also learned how different colors, shapes and textures work together to complement different body types.  Continue reading about Alexandra…