Your lifestyle

Your LifeStyle

It is important that I learn about your life and what your style requirements and dreams are.

We’ll hunt together until we find out exactly what will work for your lifestyle, making your life easier and filling you with confidence – not just about yourself but about your unique fashion skills.

A few questions that get me closer to your goals are:

What do you do?

What style requirements do you have in your life?

What environments do you hang out in?

How do others perceive you, and how do you want them to see you?

How do you want to look?

What you do in life is a major factor in finding your improved image. Whether you are new mom, powerful CEO, creative entrepreneur, artist, or new divorcée, I’ve got you covered. We factor in what your daily and weekly style requirements are. We will also factor in travel, special events, and any other specific needs you may have. All of these insights add up to getting a precise style prescription made just for you.