The Ultimate e-Book to break into the fashion styling industry

I get asked for advice on how to become a fashion stylist all of the time. I wrote this book to tell you how to break into the business – while maintaining your integrity.
Do you religiously watch:

  • Project Runway
  • Rachel Zoe Project
  • What Not to Wear

Is it your dream job to become a fashion stylist for photo shoots?

Are you confused about where to start?

This book is for you.

Find out:

  • The inspiring story of how I got started in the impossible to penetrate fashion industry
  • A clear definition of the different kinds of stylists so you can determine your own niche
  • What you need to do to get hired on legitimate styling jobs
  • How to stand out from your competition
  •  Where can you rent and borrow clothing for photo shoots.
  •  Finding alternate sources for clothing.
  • How to request looks from showrooms. With done for you sample forms
  • Promote yourself with ease
  • ..and many more secrets


I am so thankful for Alexandra’s Ebook “The Secrets of a Fashion Stylist.” In the book, she talks about her journey on how she became a successful by taking the initiative and pursuing the job she envisioned for herself, and not waiting around for such a position to come to her.

She shares very important and helpful tips on how to be unique, and get more business as a fashion stylist.
It is a no-nonsense book that will leave you inspired, and motivated to do whatever you aspire to do in life, either in the fashion industry or outside.

Embarking this new journey can make me feel a bit alone sometimes. But after finding your book, I now realize that there are people like you out there who has the same dreams, and as passionate as I am about this career.

It gave me direction, hope and courage to pursue what I love to do as a fashion stylist. If you are looking to start a career or already in the industry but want to elevate it, this is the best guide book!
Thanks Alexandra! I cannot thank you enough! Cecilia “Cece” Gonzalez






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Rave Reviews:

Susan Redstone
author of ‘Just Try It On’
I loved this little book! Elements of the fashion business can be so intimidating but Alexandra’s approach debunks it and makes it friendly and accessible. Newbies and protégés who follow her are sure to succeed.
Patricia Silva
Former Editor at
Elements Magazine
Wardrobe styling really comes down to understanding a story and how every character supports that narrative. This was Alexandra’s strength: recognizing exactly who she was dressing and why. From a purely stark editorial to an involved 16-page spread, visual relationships expand and contract between detail and environment. Alexandra always covered both spaces superbly. Critical success in this area depends on how organized and over-prepared one is. You think being prepared is enough? Oh, Please! Alexandra always had second, third and fourth options available on location, to accommodate any changes on the shoot day. This is the single greatest contributing factor to a successfully styled shoot: does your narrative compliment the editorial concept; and are you over-prepared enough to be creatively responsive and take ideas further, on the go.
Wayne Clough
On a personal note, I think the book is amazing, and it has some truly important insight and tips.  If I ever decide to actually become a professional photographer, I know who to contact. :)
Susan Linnet Cox
The book is fun to read and would be invaluable if you are planning to work in the NYC market, just as Alexandra would be a fun fashion friend to hang out with – it seems to me, she’s friendly, wry, and wise. If you’re working in Milwaukee or Houston, the information would still be helpful. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE
Mark Gautier
advertising copywriter
I’m kind of blown away by what you’ve done. I knew you had an encyclopedic knowledge of your field but this is amazing.
The book is everything you could ask for. The book is well laid out for all level of reader and there is something new on every page to help you realize the dream of becoming a fashion stylist is not that far away. The book takes you through all the stages of breaking into the business from the very start of your career. Every point is explained in depth and accurately and you feel as if you know exactly what is going on as Alexandra has actually experienced it. I would recommend this book to anyone remotely interested in being a fashion stylist as you will definitely be inspired to be one after you have finished reading. The final good thing this book brings is links to helpful places and templates to help you deal with finding and working with clients as well as getting top clothes for shoots and saving on the overheads. Thank you Alexandra for such a great book!
Maria Sansone
Fashion Stylist
The book was awesome! I really enjoyed the book and so glad I got it! It really helped a lot and there were some great tips in there!! I read the whole thing in about an hour!
Elizabeth James
Secretary to a Federal Judge
in Atlanta, GA
Your pdf book has inspired me but not in the way you might think! I’ve always had an interest in fashion and wondered if I would be a good stylist – and I found out that I probably would not be! I think your story is amazing and your tips useful and fantastic. You found your passion and kept plugging away at it until you because a success. I might not make a good stylist, but you have given me hope and inspiration for something else and for that I am grateful. I’m so glad you wrote a book about your experience!  I believe once you find what you are meant to do the rest falls into place, and it seems true for you. I hope I can make it true for me!

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