Press Looking Your Best at Any Age

20s Girls

Girls in their 20s are young, fabulous and on the move, making it a great time for experimentation and fashion-forward looks. Vazquez says the main fashion concern for this group is balancing fashion risks with creating a work wardrobe. “Chances are that you are on a budget too, so outfits that pull double-duty will be your BFFs,” says Vazquez. She recommends wearing the fun, patterned dresses you love for weekends to the office with a cardigan or blazer — just be careful of skirt length. And sorry girls, but Vazquez says it’s time to ditch oversized sweaters, torn jeans and furry boots. However, you can replace them with classics like cardigans and pencil skirts in unique colors and patterns.

30s Women

Greenawalt believes your 30s is a time to get more serious about your style, and to hone and refine your image. She also advises to wear clothes that fit well and make you feel confident. “I know personally in my 30s, I started to weed out miniskirts, but that was also because I didn’t find them flattering to my legs. They no longer felt right,” says Greenawalt. Vazquez believes your 30s is a time to keep your fashion edge in an age-appropriate way. “Now is the time to put aside the micro-minis and go with skirts that are a bit closer to the knee, especially for work. I also recommend avoiding crop tops, graphic tees or super-youthful prints. It’s OK to grow up,” says Vazquez. Both experts agree it’s important to incorporate quality, investment pieces — like a nice handbag or versatile dress.

40s+ Ladies

Wearing clothes that fit naturally into your lifestyle becomes increasingly important once you’ve hit your 40s. Greenawalt recommends investing in quality fabrics, cuts and classic clothes that flatter your figure, while steering clear of juvenile prints and tight or revealing clothing. You can still be fashion-forward by pairing simple patterns and monochromatic dresses with the right shoe and statement jewelry. “You can get away with bigger pieces of jewelry because you exude the confidence it takes to pull these pieces off, so rock them,” says Vazquez. Still have a hard time deciding what to ditch? Take Vazquez’s simple tip — get rid of clothes that came from your daughter’s favorite trendy store.

By Melissa Matthews