I heart referrals

Referral Program

Since you’re an important part of my inner circle, I’ve decided to extend a special offer to you.

I realize that, while sometimes Google sends me perfect clients, I also get wonderful clients from personal referrals.

If you know someone who you believe is an excellent fit for my styling services, I would love to be referred their way.

Please know that I am able to style clients of varied styles and personalities. They don’t all get made over to look like a mini version of me (in fact, that never happens).

Sometimes, there is a common theme or a shared taste between myself and clients, but my real expertise lies in extracting an individual’s unique style and helping her use her image to enhance and support her personal brand. After all, everyone is a form of entrepreneurs today.

Ideally, my clients can afford my fees plus a healthy shopping budget.
I would never want to inflict financial hardship on anyone by having him or her work with me.
(Although, I have also seen clients who made their new style a priority and who were able to find the money in creative ways like as a gift from a family member.)

Here are the traits I look for: (Currently serving only female clients)

  • They are open and willing to make changes to their image. (Sometimes we want our mother/sister/aunt/spouse to dress better, but they don’t see a problem, which means they won’t be an ideal client.)
  • They see our work as collaboration.
  • They see me as their partner in their style journey.
  • They appreciate and value doing things right the first time.
  • They no longer want to wear crappy, poor quality clothing.
  • They see the value and connection of dressing well and for success.
  • They realize that great change doesn’t happen overnight.
  • They like to laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • They’re ready to leave the “old” them behind.
  • They’re ready to invest in their style future.

As a token of my deep appreciation, for every person that your refer who books a darling package or above with me, I will gift you an American Express Gift Card $100.