Podcast Interview on Material is Your Business

I was honored to guest on Materials is my Business and the podcast is now live. Hosted by Stephanie Benedetto and Samantha Cortes in the MouthMedia Network Studios.
Interview with Alexandra

Inside you can hear:

  • How important fabric is to personal styling
  • Today’s consumer is more interested in fabric content
  • Increased fabric prices have made consumers more conscious of the nature and origins of fabric
  • Greenawalt’s target and origins of customers, all on a mission, someone who has been through a change (jobs, divorce, weight change, inner issues, etc.)
  • How she looks at her client’s closet, to see what they’ve been doing and how to make lasting change
  • How universal sizing would be so much better for the consumer
  • Brands are not employing internal stylists enough, not matching what consumers want with what is displayed and in inventory in physical retail stores
  • How her book came about
  • How real woman who wants to just look good every day should be a bigger focus in retail
  • Made in America and sustainability, and customization—how does this play into Greenawalt’s styling process and selections
  • Why shoes are the number one pain point of clients
  • The price of being visible, and Greenawalt’s strangest business experience
  • A secret passion, and kicking the door down for success


Depending on what fabric you wear you can either look younger and thinner, or older. Want to discover your own fabric magic? Schedule a Style Assessment call now.