People Stylewatch: 4 Tricks for Wearing Color

Look At Your Skin Tone
“Finding out if you’re warm, neutral or cool will help you in the dressing room. Warm Skin tones have a bit of yellow and look best with warmer colors, while cool ones have blue undertones and look best with cooler colors. Most people have warm skin tones.”

Try Teal – It’s Can’t-Miss
“Pantone’s experts pick which colors will be big every season. For fall, I love the teal (“Ultramarine Green”). It’s a warm version of a blue and is really camera-friendly. It looks especially great on people who have blue eyes.”

Go For Muted Brights
“Brightish universal colors like burnt orange, jade and lavender aren’t too warm or cool and work on most skin types.”

Sub Brown in for Black
“People gravitate towards black because there’s not much thinking involved. But ti’s not always the most complementary. One of the big fall colors is “French Roast,” which is a wonderful neutral brown that works for almost everyone!”