Press~MSN Glo~Fashion Tips to Master

MSN Glo quotes stylist Alexandra Greenawalt

I was interviewed by Mariel Goodson for MSN Glo about Fashion tricks everyone should master. Here are a few excerpts.

  • The Beltway

    A belted dress looks polished and flatters your figure. To elongate short legs, aim for the empire area right beneath your bustline, advises Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, author of Secrets of a Fashion Stylist. To balance a wider upper body, sling a sash around your hips. And if your middle is little, play it up by placing a belt at your natural waist.

  • Take the Plunge

    Wearing a blousy top with a dangerously low neckline? To avoid a wardrobe malfunction, secure it with double-sided tape. To make sure it stays put, start with freshly washed skin—no oils or lotion—and “apply the tape to the garment first, then adhere the garment to your skin,” suggests Greenawalt.

  • In a Pinch

    To banish blisters and make too-tight shoes more comfy, slip on a pair of oversize athletic socks, suggests Greenawalt. (Wear them around the house to break them in before going public—sans socks, of course.) If the shoes are still too snug, take them off and use the heat from your hairdryer to soften up spots that are prone to pinching.

To see the wonderful slideshow article in entirety click HERE