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Who is your typical client?
I currently work with successful women whose average age ranges from 30-50.  I’m no longer accepting male clients, (sorry guys).  Most of my female clients have very big and busy successful lives with great careers, loving families, and robust social lives.  The common denominator is that most have experienced some sort of change in their life to elicit a desire to work on their style and image.  They want to feel more confident and powerful when going out into the world.

The myriad of motivations can include transitioning jobs, a move to a new city, pre or post pregnancy, getting in shape or a divorce.  They realize they are missing out by not working with me.

How do we get started?
Apply for one of my packages or Contact me.

Where/how do you work?
I do have a private atelier on 5th avenue and 35th street in New York City for the initial consulting session. It’s set up so that we can speak freely and I can do your color analysis in daylight which is required. When there is shopping to be done we go directly to the shops.

What stores do you take me to?
Based on your coloring, shape, size, lifestyle, and style needs we will determine which store(s) are the best fit for you. The focus is on clothing and accessories that are of good quality. Generally, big department stores tend to be a good fit in the first sessions. A few favorite designers are: Trina Turk, Elie Tahari, and Nanette Lepore. I don’t generally shop fast fashion merchandise because it doesn’t last.

Do you take me to wholesale showrooms?
Nope just retail stores. However some retail stores are secret factory stores with discounts every day. I also can introduce you to private designers to create custom and made to measure garments and accessories.

What is the shopping experience like?
I do the pre-pulling before you arrive and you get to saunter into a full dressing room of options just for you. I also make sure to have beverages and snacks so you feel your best. I have relationships with the stores so we tend to get special treatment.

Do I get a discount at the stores?
Yes if possible, special discounts will be negotiated for you.

What tools will I come out of the Style Re-invention with?
During the process you will learn all about you and your body and natural attributes and how to showcase your best features. You will get a purse sized color palette to bring on future shopping trips, and detailed notes on what style and cuts best suit you. A photo book of your new outfits is also a handy reference when you’re deciding what to wear in the morning.

How much will I need to budget for clothing with the Style Re-invention?
To build a new single season wardrobe with accessories plan on at least $2500-$5000. Winter season tends to be a bit higher if you are purchasing coats and boots.

What if I just need my closet edited?
You can check out my self styling program Closet Clarity here.

What if I can’t afford your private styling packages?
Feel free to sign up for my private style newsletter as it’s chock full
of free style solutions. Also check out my upcoming book Vetted for the best self indulgent self care resources in New York City and Online.

Or you can join my self-styling program Closet Clarity – – find out more info here.

What makes you an expert?
Style based in reality is my life and is what makes me excited to work with clients. I’m not interested in editorial high fashion or runways looks.  I did color and shape analysis training with Julie Cunningham color which means  I understand the science of what looks good on you and why.  I have had lots of experience dressing petites, plus sizes, and challenging body types.  I have worked as a full time fashion and personal stylist since 2001 in New York City, which is
probably the hardest market to crack!

What is it like to work with you?
I think you will find I’m down to earth and fun to work with. I know my stuff and will tell it to you straight.

Do you dress your clients to look like you?
I may be a chameleon and dress by what inspires me in the moment but I do not impose my personal style on my clients. I help my clients unearth and explore their your own personal style.

Do you only dress models?
No. While I do have extensive experience in the fashion world dressing models, many of my clients are ‘real people’ with real bodies. It is fairly common for my clients to have challenging size/fit issues often wearing different sizes on the top vs. bottom.

Can you make me a dress?
I do not sew personally. However, I do work with custom tailors to create one-of-a-kind creations for clients. See my post STYLIST VS DESIGNER about my approach.

What are your style influences for your own style?
Blaire Waldorf of Gossip Girl, Ginger Rogers in Swing Time, Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief and Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina.

What if I don’t live in New York? Can you help?
Absolutely. We can work via Skype, email and telephone. Check out the Style Flash which is designed for the virtual world.  I’ve also had clients fly in to dissect their wardrobes and shop with me in New York City.

I’m still trying to lose 5 pounds, Should I hire you now or later?
5-10 pounds is really not going to make a difference in our work together and we can certainly shop for items that are good for fluctuating sizes. Why would you wait to get the best possible style infusion?

How do you make money?
Unlike personal shoppers, I do not make money based on how much you spend. My fees are for my expertise and loosely based time. I help women be their best selves by teaching them about their own body shape and coloring. My private one-on-one packages start at $299.

What is your cancellation policy?
I ask for 48 hour cancellation notice to avoid a fee of $150

What is your return policy or guarantee?
When someone fills out a questionnaire for a styling package with me, I’m always flattered ~ but I don’t always accept.  I want to make sure our goals for you are aligned and that we are good fit. But when I say “yes, let’s style,” I am full speed ahead.  Providing excellent customer service is crazy important to me.
I have no use for an unhappy client or bad business mojo so I’m going to pour my heart, soul, compassion, and style wisdom into our work together.

I’m going to give you my 150% care and attention so that’s why ~ with exception to massive natural disasters, major illness, or deaths ~ I don’t offer refunds for my private styling packages.  On that note, no one has yet requested a refund (I’m that good).

What does it cost to work with you one on one privately?
The Style Flash is $299 and my signature program the Style Re-invention is $3498

How do we get started?
Apply for one of my packages or Contact me.

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