INSIDE: Closet Clarity


Getting clarity from inside your closet is one of the most important steps in the style transformation.
I am there to guide and support you in this daunting process.
The editing process shows us your ‘fashion blindspots’-what you gravitate towards style wise but may not always be best.
I see many women who continue to buy sort of the same black top but don’t experience a stylish result.
The closet edit also gives me an idea into the innate style of client.
I’m able to see what excites them and what hasn’t been working.
It will also guide us in creating a wardrobe master plan which tells us EXACTLY what is needed.

This is the format I follow to start cleansing:
First empty all items from closet onto the bed-you might have to do this in stages.
Then sort and make 6 piles and get garbage bags ready to contain what you will be gathering:

Toss or recycle: Used underwear, socks, lingerie, bras. Believe me it’s best not to try and donate this stuff.

Donate which have little or no value. (Most used clothing has little resale value and is hard to sell-trust me I’ve tried. Designer accessories move but designer clothing not so much)

Give away items to friends who you know for sure would appreciate or want them. Swap parties can be fun!

Consign-really not a good use of your time but it you have high end designer handbags (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes) in pristine condition be my guest.

Fix-anything you feel is worth to pay to fix. Must be a good color and cut on you.

Dry clean or clean. Sweaters can be defuzzed and sometimes salvaged. Order a defuzzer from

What to let GO:
1. Any items which are not flattering on you color or shape-wise. With my clients I am able to show them exactly WHY an item isn’t flattering.
2. Freebie t-shirts you would never wear in public with lettering
3. Anything which doesn’t fit-
DO NOT KEEP ITEMS WHICH WILL FIT IF YOU LOSE 10-15 pounds. This is a hard concept for most of my clients.
We all want to lose just that 5-10-15 pounds but I want you to embrace and accept exactly where you are.
Dress for where you’re AT right now.
4. Anything with holes
5. Anything you haven’t worn which feels energetically gross
6. Gifts of items from an EX BOYFRIEND-these can be toxic to your love life.
7. Gifts which you don’t wear (don’t feel guilty even if they’re expensive)
8. Any item which doesn’t support your desired style
9. T-shirts or items which have shrunk in the wash
10. Trendy items which don’t feel right to you
11. ‘Stragglers’-Items in a weird color and have matching components.

WINNERS CAN GO BACK IN THE CLOSET-Organize by category and then by color light to dark.

Closet edits differ for each client and package.
The more robust packages include a full edit which encompasses clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags, and coats and can take multiple sessions.

Once you have things sorted now is the hard part.

Follow through in getting these items and bags out of your house. Resist the temptation to pull something out of a bag.
Give your self a deadline for each part. You might have to break it up into stages and that’s good. If you can do it all in one fell swoop and load in the car that’s probably the best. If you can get help from a friend that’s great too.


Reward yourself with something meaningful when you finish-like a walk with a friend, bath, smoothie, or massage.

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