5 Ways to Instantly Appear More Polished


by Kristen Gomez



We’ve all had one of those mornings. We bargain for an extra twenty minutes of sleep and then find ourselves without time to do our hair, much less our makeup. Or worse, because we forgot to set our alarm clock, we awaken right when we should be heading out the door, forcing us to haphazardly grab clothes and shoes that we can only hope match. If we’re lucky, our mornings iron themselves out by the second cup of coffee, but occasionally, the nightmare thickens. We walk into work and find we’re presenting at a meeting, or there’s a client impatiently waiting. While we can’t be expected to look our best all the time, we can still appear more polished even on days when we’re lucky just to have made it out the door. Here’s how:

Pull Your Hair Into an Updo: Frequently brushing  hair away from your eyes during a conversation or twirling strands of hair in your fingertips throughout a business lunch can be distracting to others. Avoid these scenarios by pulling your hair into a tight bun, securing it with bobby pins and clips, or creating another quick, simple, and secure updo. “Wearing your hair up puts more focus on your face and brightens up your complexion.

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