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Client Style File: Elle
Blond, petite, Canadian client, Elle, is in her mid 40’s. She travels with her husband on business. She approached me to help her with her style. She expressed a need for outfits for lunches, country club, and client dinners. But she is so fricken cool, cooler than you would think of someone who would be […]
Confessions VIDEO
Style Truth Bomb: Attraction isn’t always a good thing
Have you ever come home with an item only to see in your closet you have 7 other just like it? Does it look so-so on you but you think it’s a wardrobe staple? This could be your fashion blind spot! Fashion magazines tell you must have in your closet a crisp white top? Don’t […]
Confessions STYLE DIY
Fuchsia is my fashion blind spot
My Mother tells the horrifying story of me as a child in Macy’s being drawn to the neon pink cinquera dresses (I’m from wasp descendants). She couldn’t imagine why her child could be attracted to something so OTT (over the top) and BRIGHTLY tacky. Nice girls wore tailored classics which were buttoned up and ‘proper’ […]